WORKSHOP Halloween Cats Instructed by Shalla Art

How about doing something fun and creative?
Get your friends and family, get a date or go solo and join our artsy party. Meet interesting people while you surprise yourself with what you can create with a canvas, paint and brushes. Relax as you sip your drink (tea, soda, sometimes even wine) as we pour our creative juices into making our masterpieces.

Ready for Halloween?
Let's paint this. I'll show you how, step by step, easy peasy. It's all about enjoyment and entertaining ourselves, losing all other cares. 

Afterwards, you can decorate your home with it or give it as a gift. I'll show you how to write a special message on it or attach a holiday greeting to it.

Shalla Art has studied arts at the Des Moines Art Center. She is a caricaturist regularly hired by the Linq Hotel & Casino to draw crowds and entertain tourists.
Find Shalla’s work at art shows all over Las Vegas especially at the Arts District including Jana's Redroom, the Wonderland Art Gallery and the Bubblegum Gallery.

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